For Many, Quieter Wins
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Walmart is transforming the retail experience for shoppers with sensory sensitivities. All US stores will now have designated quiet hours with dimmed lights and no music.

Starting November 10, Walmart will offer sensory-friendly hours from 8-10 ...

Managing A1C
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New research reveals higher A1C levels are associated with an increased risk of hearing loss, especially at higher hearing frequencies. The study looked at over 5,000 patients who received hearing and blood tests.

The results add to a growing ...

Treatment Reduces Risk
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Atrial fibrillation increases the risk of cognitive problems by 45%, according to new research. The large-scale study confirmed a link between heart health and dementia, which earlier studies had established.

The context: AF ...

American Academy of Pediatrics
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In a stark new policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics warns excessive noise poses a serious but overlooked public health hazard for kids.

Now is the time to raise public awareness about noise levels and their impact ...

Make Time Your Ally
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Otosclerosis is hearing loss due to abnormal bone growth in your middle ear. The abnormal growth disturbs the complex series of energy transformations ...

Protect Hearing to Preserve It
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Your child’s health and safety are your priorities. But when it comes to hearing health, it’s easy to overlook.

The problem is loud noise. Even a brief exposure can permanently damage hearing in anyone, regardless of age. However, children’s ...

Practical insights
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If you have hearing loss, you have questions — and our audiologists are here to answer them.

Here are four they often hear.

1. Will my hearing loss get worse if I don’t treat it?

Yes, hearing loss increases if left untreated. ...

Age-Related Hearing Loss Breakthrough
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Swiss scientists have identified a signaling pathway, mTORC2, that helps maintain hearing as we age. When mTORC2 activity is decreased or disabled, hair cells of the inner ear physically deteriorate, and fewer sound signals reach the brain, leading ...

Research Update
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A long-term study found older adults with lower bone mineral density (BMD), especially in the hip area, had double the risk of developing dementia over the next decade. This link remained even after accounting for age, genetics, and health conditions.

Losing ...

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