Research Update
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Columbia University scientists discovered the brain manages speech differently based on its clarity and our focus on it. They investigated how the brain processes “glimpsed” and “masked” speech. Their results could improve future hearing-aid designs.

We’ve ...

Hearing Loss On the Rise
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Hearing loss has long been considered an inevitable part of aging. Recent trends, however, show hearing loss is also increasingly prevalent among younger age groups. ...

Cognitive Decline and Hearing Loss
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Frank Lin, M.D., Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, led a new study to explore the connection between treating hearing loss and preserving brain health in older adults.

The study ...

Research Update: Auditory Pathway
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Researchers have developed a non-invasive technique to map the auditory pathway in the human brain. This pathway carries signals from the ear to the language centers.

The research, published in September, highlights the importance of early ...

Parkinson's Disease Update
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Researchers have developed an exciting new AI tool to analyze retinal scans and detect various diseases, from eye conditions to Parkinson’s. The new model, RETFound, was created using a training method that removes time-consuming and expensive manual ...

Practical How-To Advice
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Wish your home was more peaceful and quiet? While it's impossible to eliminate noise from kids, pets, or appliances, reducing noise and improving a room's acoustics is.

Why it matters

Soundproofing makes a home a calmer, more comfortable ...

Reduce Mental Fatigue and Frustration
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Struggling to keep up in noisy environments like restaurants and parties? Having difficulty understanding conversations in work meetings?

The unpredictability of social interactions, recreational or professional, makes them incredibly tricky ...

Staying Steady
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Approximately 69 million Americans over 40 suffer from vestibular issues, such as dizziness and imbalance. If you’re one of them, take this Balance Awareness ...

Two Risks You Can Manage
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A new Australian study suggests that implementing simple strategies to strengthen bones could lead to a significant decrease in hip fractures.

Bone health is affected by lifestyle factors such as

  • Smoking
  • Physical activity

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