Your Hearing: Did you know...
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Your ears must convert energy five times to create neural signals your brain can interpret as sound. This fantastic sequence makes your hearing possible.

The sequence:

  1. 💥 Sound energy: Invisible ...
Schedule a Yearly Screening
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In the U.S., over 37 million people have diabetes, roughly 34.5 million have hearing loss, and many have both.

  • The prevalence of hearing loss in people with diabetes ...
Unheard Sound Fuels Moving
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Scientists at the LIVElab at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, wanted to find out what musical ingredients make us want to dance. They found that people danced 12% more when a low-frequency bass was played.

We look at things ...

Protect Your Hearing
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Jay Weinberg won't go on stage without wearing earplugs or in-ear monitors to protect his hearing. Losing his hearing would end his music career drumming for one of the biggest bands on the planet.

I strongly encourage you to wear ...

Modifiable Risk Factor
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Unsafe listening practices threaten the hearing of up to 1.35 billion young adults worldwide, says a study published in The British Medical Journal.

Why it matters

  • In ...
Keys to Success
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How long does it take to get used to hearing aids? Most new users should anticipate a month to a month and a half, but every experience is unique.

The big picture: Hearing aids don't instantly improve your hearing.

  • Your ...
Early Warning System for Dementia
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A University of Oxford study involving over 80,000 adults 60 and older found speech-in-noise (SiN) hearing loss accounted for the most risk of developing dementia. SiN hearing is a person's ability to detect and correctly interpret speech with background ...

Update: Sound Research
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Imagine the many ways we use sound to enhance our lives — relaxation, learning, meditation, and motivation. According to Swiss research, we can add another, relief from nightmares.

People with "nightmare disorder" experience disturbing ...

Know the Basics
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If you know the basics of hearing loss, you can preserve your hearing and reduce your risk of cognitive decline, dementia, and falling.

Can your answer the following questions correctly?

  • Is hearing loss an old-age ...

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