Reduce Your Risk
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Apart from annoying your colleagues, friends, and loved ones, hearing loss is very unhealthy for you because untreated hearing loss increases your risk of social isolation, falls, cognitive decline, and dementia.

Of these health consequences, ...

Practical Tips
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Watching someone struggle with hearing loss is heartbreaking, but it's time to act when it's someone you love. But how? Are you confident you can help someone navigate their new normal? To set the stage, let's start with some context.

As we ...

Cancer and Hearing Update
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According to researchers at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), hearing loss and tinnitus are common side effects among adult cancer survivors. In their recent study, 50% of the participants who received chemotherapy reported significant ...

US Data
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In the US today, 48 million people have hearing loss, but by 2060, the number will grow to 73 million. The three causes of hearing loss are

  • Sensorineural hearing loss
  • Conductive hearing loss—caused by problems that block sound ...
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Of the 48 million Americans with hearing loss, only 20% use hearing aids. Why? Hearing loss is difficult to detect.

"The majority of people with untreated hearing loss are people who don't actually recognize they have a problem ...

Vital and Versatile
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Consider all the standard transactions of daily living that require spoken language. Now imagine being unable to communicate your thoughts and feelings accurately during these interactions, and imagine the frustration and anxiety you would feel as ...

Age-Related Changes
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APD is not unique to children. As we age, hearing loss and changes in auditory processing alter how we listen, hear, and process sound information.

Let's start with a definition: An auditory processing disorder is a physical hearing impairment ...

Low Awareness
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According to the results, only 10% of American adults between 50 and 80 know what's considered "normal" hearing.

Unfortunately, the results of the survey really weren't that surprising. They are important for people to ...

Healthy Hearing, Healthy Brain
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Healthy hearing is vital for optimal brain function. But what happens to your brain if you have hearing loss? Does hearing loss damage the health of your brain? Indeed it does.

When you have hearing loss, your brain doesn’t receive enough stimulation ...

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