The Quieter, The Better
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You know the drill: Protect your ears from loud sounds. But how much noise is too much? Safe sound levels may be far lower than you think.

Writing in the Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Daniel Fink, M.D., ...

Brain Health and Hearing Loss
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Researchers in the UK studied a group of adults around age 70 to understand if hearing loss impacts brain health. The scientists used MRI scans to track changes in brain size over time and measured cognitive abilities with thinking and memory tests.

Previous ...

Reduces Time and Cost of Research
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Researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed an innovative approach to drug design for Parkinson's disease using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques.

The breakthrough: AI and machine ...

Speech-Language Research Update
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Dementia is a serious concern as we age, but assessing whether someone is at risk of developing this condition can be time-consuming and complicated. A simple one-minute test could be the first step for flagging people who need help.

Why it ...

Promising Help for Thousands
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Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine and Cornell Engineering have achieved a remarkable feat: They have made a replica of an adult human ear using state-of-the-art tissue engineering and a 3D printer.

This groundbreaking study offers hope ...

The Power of Middle Age
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With aging, the specter of dementia can loom large. However, an article published in The Wall Street Journal (4/11/2024) reports that a growing body of research suggests the key to keeping our minds sharp may lie in our choices during middle age.

Why ...

Hear More. Live More.
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A new study has uncovered an unexpected benefit of hearing aids: They help extend your life.

The context: It's well known that hearing loss is an independent risk factor for adverse health outcomes and mortality.

  • But ...
Reduce Health Risks
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According to researchers in Germany, it takes seven years for most people to realize they have hearing loss.

The Gutenberg Health Study, a large population-based study conducted by Mainz ...

How to minimize allergies effects on hearing
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With allergy season in full swing, many are experiencing the familiar symptoms of sniffles, sneezes, and itchy eyes. But the consequences of these seasonal allergies can extend far beyond the apparent discomfort: They pose a genuine threat to your ...

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