Hearing Aid Option
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Telecoils are a practical hearing-aid option because they improve the sound quality you hear in many public places.

Telecoils (or t-coils) are copper wires installed in hearing aids that act like antennas. They receive signals from induction-loop ...

Practical Habits, Big Benefits
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Forty percent of dementia cases can be prevented or postponed by reducing risk factors individually and through public policy. Dementia is not inevitable.

Although research cannot definitively prove that doing X instead of Y protects against ...

Manage your risk
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Over 1 in 7 US adults, 15% of the adult population, are estimated to have chronic kidney disease (CKD), the gradual loss of kidney function. Aside from the primary symptoms, research has shown a relationship between CKD and hearing loss.

  • The ...
Improved Speech Comprehension
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People with cochlear implants can now stream audio directly from smart TVs, revolutionizing their entertainment experience.

Why it matters

Understanding speech on television is difficult, but this new capability significantly improves ...

Itemizing May Save You Money
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You may save money if you itemize your deductions for high, uninsured medical and dental costs such as hearing aids. The IRS allows the following qualifying expenses:

  • Payments for dentures, reading or prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, ...
Manage Your Risk of Cognitive Decline
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Columbia University research suggests the relationship between age-related hearing loss and cognitive decline also applies to people with "normal" hearing but who have lost some hearing. This loss of hearing is called hidden ...

Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias
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A person's social lifestyle is associated with risk factors for Alzheimer's disease and related dementias (ADRD), according to a new study from McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Why it matters

Socially isolated people have a higher ...

The Stress of Loud Noise
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Environmental noise may play a crucial role in the growth and worsening of ischemic heart disease.

A new study by University Medical Center Mainz in Germany found that aircraft noise can contribute to heart attacks and worsen cardiovascular ...

You Can Lower Your Risk
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Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark have found that living near a busy road increases the risk of developing tinnitus.

  • Each additional ten decibels of traffic noise in people's homes increased the risk of tinnitus by 6%. ...

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