Healthy Hearing, Healthy Brain
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Healthy hearing is vital for optimal brain function. But what happens to your brain if you have hearing loss? Does hearing loss damage the health of your brain? Indeed it does.

When you have hearing loss, your brain doesn’t receive enough stimulation ...

Noise Risks for Children
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Excessive loud noise causes permanent hearing loss in children and adults. Noise-induced hearing loss is permanent and, like many adult disorders — obesity, diabetes, and hypertension — starts in childhood.

The damage of hearing loss is not ...

Rationalizations Risk Your Hearing
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Start a conversation about hearing loss and you might hear the following:

A friend told me that as long as I can hear not worry about losing a bit of hearing. It’s natural.

Look, hearing loss is for old people. You’re only ...

Know Your Sound Levels
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Let’s start with a general rule of thumb: Sound at or less than 70 decibels (dB) is safe for our hearing. For instance, a regular conversation between two people is in the 70 dB range.

On the other hand, sound at or greater than 80-85 dB causes ...

Reduce Your Risk
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Decades before memory loss is evident, dementia can begin to develop in the brain. But you can act now to reduce your risk of dementia regardless of age. Based on evidence, Dr. Howard Chertkow recommends 15 strategies for slowing cognitive decline ...

Control Your Risk of Dementia
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People with no dementia risk factors, such as smoking, diabetes, or hearing loss, have similar brain health as people who are 10 to 20 years younger.

The study by scientists at Baycrest, a health-sciences center affiliated with the University ...

15 Minutes to Better Brain Health
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Resistance, the hearing-loss dragon, is the voice in your head telling you to do nothing about your loss of hearing.

You know a hearing screening is the right thing to do because you have plenty of evidence you have lost hearing. But Resistance ...

Hearing Aid Series Part 2
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Top hearing aid brands offer a range of models for In the Ear (ITE) and Behind the Ear BTE) hearing aids. They also provide a range of optional features that can solve annoying problems for wearers.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type (ITE or ...

Hearing Aid Series Part 1
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What is the best hearing aid for me? Figuring that out is very challenging. It's a decision best made when you partner with an audiologist who has diagnosed your hearing loss and offers more than one type, brand, and model of hearing aids. ...

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