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National Science Foundation Grant
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Astrophysicist Jason Nordhaus of the Rochester Institute of Technology has secured a $313,000 National Science Foundation grant to boost underrepresented groups in physics research.

His initiative connects promising deaf, hard-of-hearing, and ...

The Power of Practical
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Untreated hearing loss contributes to an increased risk of dementia, though the link between the two is still unclear. Recent studies, however, suggest a likely cause.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have discovered that ...

Research Update
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Columbia University scientists discovered the brain manages speech differently based on its clarity and our focus on it. They investigated how the brain processes “glimpsed” and “masked” speech. Their results could improve future hearing-aid designs.

We’ve ...

A Very Common Experience
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Ever had a catchy tune linger in your head for hours or sometimes days? Of course, you have. Earworms are common. Almost everyone has experienced them. Also known as song syndrome, sticky music, or the posh term, involuntary musical imagery, ...

Healthy Hearing, Healthy Brain
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Hearing is a vital component of a sensory-cognitive system and not an isolated sensory experience.

  • When you improve hearing, you improve hearing-and-brain health.
  • Likewise, when hearing deteriorates, so does the brain’s health.

As ...

Protect to Preserve Your Hearing
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Hearing is a life-enhancing sense so ingrained into our daily experience that it's easy to undervalue its many benefits. But we shouldn't. We hear to communicate, experience music and nature, educate ourselves and others, work, preserve our mental ...

Your Hearing: Did you know...
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Your ears must convert energy five times to create neural signals your brain interprets as sound. This fantastic sequence makes your hearing possible.

The sequence

  1. 💥 Sound energy: Invisible sound waves travel ...
Unheard Sound Fuels Moving
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Scientists at the LIVElab at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, wanted to find out what musical ingredients make us want to dance. They found that people danced 12% more when a low-frequency bass was played.

We look at things ...

Not Just for Kids and Swimmers
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Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outer ear and ear canal that usually occurs after water has gotten stuck in the ear canal. It can be painful.

The medical term for swimmer’s ear is otitis externa. Swimmer’s ear is different than middle ...

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