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Hear Life to The Fullest Again

Our three, easy steps to hearing renewal ensure that your investment in hearing instruments not only perform to your expectations, but also save you time and money.  


Step 1 - Hearing Analysis

First, a comprehensive hearing analysis is done, which takes approximately an hour. After this, you’ll discuss your lifestyle with your audiologist so that she understands the range of sound environments and activities that are typical in your life. Next you’ll learn about the types, styles, and prices of the hearing technologies that will provide the best solution for your particular hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. 

We offer a wide range of high-performance brands and models so that you can be confident that we’ll find the right match for your needs. In fact, we partner with the top digital, hearing-instrument designers — Oticon, Widex, Phonak, ReSound, Siemens, Starkey — ensuring that you get the right technology for your unique needs.

Choice is vital. In comparison, we're not a manufacturer's hearing-aid store that offers only one brand, substantially risking that you'll get the precise hearing technology you need.

After going over all the relevant options, you'll select your hearing instruments and make a deposit on them. We'll forward your hearing analysis to your physician to get her clearance that you're medically fit for hearing instruments.

Step 2 - Hearing-Instrument Fitting

About two or three weeks after your hearing analysis, your audiologist will fit your hearing instruments. This is a very important step. Essentially, your audiologist will program them, tuning their capabilities to function precisely for you in accordance with your hearing analysis and lifestyle. Then with your help, your audiologist will thoroughly test your hearing instruments to ensure the performance you anticipated. At this time, the balance owing on your hearing instruments is due.

Step 3 -  Hear with Confidence

It's what you expected all along right? Of course!

Our service plan gives you a 45 day, hearing-instruments trial to make certain that you're satisfied with the performance of your hearing instruments as well as the care and support we provide. Your audiologist will work closely with you to make sure that the quality of your amplified hearing is maximal and all your questions and concerns are addressed. 

What happens if I’m not satisfied?

If you're not satisfied and return your hearing instruments within the 45-day trial period, the fees you paid are refunded excluding the cost of the professional services (the time spent with you during the trial period). Any accessories purchased (batteries, ear-mold impressions, etc.) are not refundable.

What about ongoing service costs?

Generally, the first year of visits for care, instruction, and repairs are included in the cost of conventional and entry-level, digital- hearing instruments and are included for the first two years of other hearing instruments. Your audiologist will carefully review the service details of your hearing instruments with you.

Hearing instruments require semi-annual maintenance 

There is no charge for this service if your hearing instruments are under warranty. If they are out of warranty, there will be a charge for maintenance and any required repairs.

At Every Step...

During your decision making and long after renewing your hearing, you can count on Sertoma Speech & Hearing Center audiologists to guide you with care and expertise. Any time you need their help — a question or concern, big or small — they're only a phone call or email away.  

Call 708-599-9500 to Make An Appointment

The best place to start is with a free, hearing screening. It’s a simple procedure that takes only 15 minutes and you’ll get an answer to the question that’s been on your mind, “Do I need to amplify my hearing?”

We have offices in Palos Hills and Romeoville. To see a map and get driving directions, click here.   


 A letter to our Executive Director

December, 2013

Dear Ms. Morrison:

I have been a client of Sertoma Speech and Hearing Center in Homewood since around 2008…I have hereditary "cookie-cutter" hearing loss.

My hearing had been deteriorating and I was more or less convinced that there wasn't much additional work to be done.  Dr. Riel retested me, changed my ear pieces, adjusted the hearing aids and provided me with the best hearing I have had since my hearing loss began!  

She was attentive to every concern, explained things thoughtfully and clearly, and made me feel very comfortable in asking questions.  I've just had my  follow-up 6-month appointment since my first appointment with her and she continues to explore ways and make successful suggestions to improve my ability to hear. 

I would recommend Sertoma and Dr. Jaclyn Riel to anyone.  I've become a one-person ambassador to friends suffering hearing loss to encourage them to seek assistance and not accept a quality of life restricted unnecessarily by hearing loss.

Huge thanks to Dr. Riel and Sertoma! 


D. A. King

Olympia Fields, Illinois