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December, 2013

Dear Ms. Morrison:

I have been a client of Sertoma in Homewood since around 2008 and have worked with several audiologists there.  I have hereditary "cookie-cutter" hearing loss.  My experiences with Sertoma have always been good ones; however, my recent experiences with Jaclyn Riel have been outstanding in every way.

My hearing had been deteriorating and I was more or less convinced that there wasn't much additional work to be done.  Dr. Riel retested me, changed my ear pieces, adjusted the hearing aids and provided me with the best hearing I have had since my hearing loss began!  

She was attentive to every concern, explained things thoughtfully and clearly, and made me feel very comfortable in asking questions.  I've just had my  follow-up 6-month appointment since my first appointment with her and she continues to explore ways and make successful suggestions to improve my ability to hear.

I would recommend Sertoma and Jaclyn Riel to anyone.  I've become a one-person ambassador to friends suffering hearing loss to encourage them to seek assistance and not accept a quality of life restricted unnecessarily by hearing loss.

Huge thanks to Dr. Riel and Sertoma!


D. A. King
Olympia Fields, Illinois

Posted on Yelp 3/8/2010 

Sertoma specializes in Speech and Hearing needs. My involvement with Sertoma is in the realm of Speech Therapy so I will focus my review on that aspect. 

I cannot say enough about the staff at Sertoma--especially Michelle Morrison (who was the Lead Speech Pathologist at the time).  She worked with my daughter for years and I consider to be something of a miracle worker.  My daughter has regressive autism--meaning she developed typically until she started "losing" all her words at 18 months and, eventually, stopped speaking altogether.  Michelle worked with her all through our "early intervention" phase and for a time after my daughter began receiving services through our local school district.  My daughter, now nine, is not only verbal but astoundingly so.  Something that I very much attribute to the hard work and amazing dedication of the Sertoma staff.  

Sertoma works very hard to service their community. They have sliding fee scales for those who need it and are flexible with their payment plans. Their main focus has always been servicing their clients versus receiving payments. If you are looking for dedicated professionals that truly care about their clientele Sertoma is the place you need.

October 03, 2013

Dr. Riel,

Day one with the working streamer, all I can say is AMEN. Carter has had his hearing aids in since this morning with only an hour break this afternoon. He's doing what he normally does ie.. Playing his video game, listening to his iPod and watching a little TV. I can only hope in the days, weeks and months ahead that he will continue on this path.

I also want to thank you for all of the wonderful care you have given to Carter. You are wonderful at what you do and I am eternally grateful that he was sent to see you from the beginning. You are so kind and loving and that is truly apparent in how you are with Carter every time we step into your office! 

Kathy Crooks

August, 2011 

Dear Sertoma Board of Directors:

I wanted you to know how very grateful I man and much I appreciate your kind decision to help me obtain my hearing aids.

I've been dreading the whole ordeal and now my life has become so much more easier. You've made me 'the happiest lady on the planet'!


Joan Fay