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Speakers Bureau

We will custom-tailor a presentation for your organization and deliver it when and where you'd like us to... no charge.
Our schedule? At our place? And no charge? Precisely

Irresistible? We hope so. 

It's part of our service mission to talk to organizations about speech and hearing issues. We've been doing this for 34 years.

You're going to like our presenters
They're working professionals —audiologists and speech-language pathologists — with years of clinical experience. They understand the wide range of speech-and-hearing challenges that Americans face everyday, from the common things — like the natural loss of hearing many of us experience with age — to the more difficult issues that infants and children (and their parents) must confront.

And they appreciate your concerns. They'll get down to earth and describe the range of solutions that are available today. That's their focus after all — to improve the lives of people with professional, communications health care. Today. Now.

Another thing we guarantee
A good time. You'll learn some interesting things, laugh with friends, and be inspired. And you'll get your questions answered.

Ready when you are
For more information, email Michelle Morrison or give her a call at 708-599-9500.

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