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PJ's Story

PJ's mom wrote the following:

PJ enjoys a pumpkin patch.My son, PJ, started speech therapy at Sertoma Speech & Hearing Centers in January, 2015. At the time he was 2 1/2 and just 2 months prior diagnosed with autism, nonverbal. Prior to the diagnosis, he had received speech therapy since the age of 15 months through Early Intervention/State of Illinois. He made no progress as far as speech was concerned.

It was the Developmental Pediatrician during his autism evaluation who suggested I contact Sertoma Speech & Hearing Centers and speak to Dr. Michelle Morrison for a reevaluation and to start services at Sertoma.

When I made the initial call to Sertoma in November, 2014, Dr. Morrison just happened to be the one who answered the phone. I think that day Dr. Michelle and I spoke on the phone for about 45 minutes.

When you're a parent of a child newly diagnosed with autism and he is nonverbal, your head is spinning and you don't know what to do or which way to go. That day on the phone with Michelle, something changed. It was the first time since receiving his diagnosis that I finally thought to myself, ‘he's going to be okay’. There was something in her voice that was calming and reassuring. And I'll never forget when she said to me, "It's okay. We'll get him there!"  

We started speech therapy in January and just in September, so 9 months into therapy, my nonverbal child, said “one, two, three” while working on a puzzle during a therapy session with Michelle. As a mother, who has never had her child say,” mom” or “I love you,” trust me when I tell you, that simple counting of  “one, two, three” in context was all I needed.

If it wasn't for Dr. Michelle Morrison and the entire staff at Sertoma Speech & Hearing Centers I don't know where PJ would be today with his speech progress. But, I have faith and trust that Dr. Michelle will "get him there."