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Payment Options

For many patients, it’s not the total cost of the recommended hearing instruments that causes them to delay or decline care. The challenge is fitting payments into their monthly budgets.

CareCredit picks up where insurance leaves off
It makes it easy for you to purchase the hearing aids you need. That’s why more than 20 million patients use CareCredit to get the care they need and want…now.

Helping patients for over 25 years
CareCredit has been serving the healthcare community and patients like you for over a quarter century. In fact, 96% of cardholders rate CareCredit a good, very good or excellent value.

CareCredit offers a range of special financing options
For example, instant credit decisions let you can get the care you need now - without delay. Plus, CareCredit can help you manage your out-of-pocket expenses for ongoing or additional care with convenient monthly payments.

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Other payment options
We accept most insurances. We also accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.