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Occupational-Hearing Conservation

Dolores Leidecker, CAOHC is our professional, occupational-hearing conservationist. Dolores is an expert in all aspects of occupational-hearing conservation. So, if you would like to learn about...

Prevention of employee-hearing loss in high-noise, industrial environments

  • Your risks and obligations
  • Complying with OSHA regulations — your risks and obligations
  • Hearing-conservation programs — components, steps to take, management, costs

Industrial-noise assessment

  • Identifying high-noise areas and equipment
  • Identifying employees at risk
Onsite-hearing screenings
  • Establishing baseline hearing values for employees
  • Identifying employees with below normal hearing
  • Planning ongoing testing for employees exposed to high, industrial noise
  • Costs and scheduling
Employee-hearing protection
  • Choices
  • Comfort
  • Costs
  • Proper use and care
Designing a comprehensive, occupational-hearing conservation program... 
Please email Dolores Leidecker or call her at 708-599-9500. Dolores will answer your questions, help guide you through OSHA regulations, and review with you all our occupational-hearing-conservation programs and options.


➤ For a PDF of the information on this page, go to Downloads and click, Occupational Hearing Brief.pdf. For a brochure, click on, Occupational Hearing Brochure.pdf.