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Importance of Speech Therapy for Kids

Speech therapy builds confidence
When kids have speech impediments, they know it. Kids who talk differently from other children know that they do, and that can significantly erode their confidence. For example, when it comes to the classic issues — lisping, turning Rs into Ws, stuttering — speech-language therapy makes an enormous difference to students' confidence. Sure, these things may be cute at five years of age, but at 10 these problems aren’t.

If your child seems to be having trouble socializing at school and you know that they have a speech issue, consider enrolling them in speech therapy. Improved communication builds confidence. Before you know it, they will be showing off their new speech skills by talking up a storm.

Speech therapy is fun
As a child, speech therapy is fun. In comparison, for adults, speech therapy can be more challenging. So do your child a favor and allow her to attend speech therapy while it is still fun. It gives students another way to improve, a challenge outside of their regular studies.

You can be confident that most kids find speech therapy fun and look forward to it.

Avoid irreversible, intellectual and social cost
Who wants to admit that their child has a speech issue? We understand. But when you do, you’re taking a vital step for your child not only to be successful and happy today, but also in the future.

Speech therapy increases

  • Confidence
  • Success in school
  • ...and gives your child the tools they need to combat their speech issue for the rest of their life.  

And don’t forget, kids are fans. They'll come home raving about the fun they've had.

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