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Enjoy sound more, protect your ears

Symphonies. Concert bands. Drumlines. Marching bands. They’re loud and damaging to your hearing. The loudest? Rock concerts. And unless you wear hearing protection, they’re all too loud for human ears.

Whether you are a musician, music educator, or passionate listener (in the audience, at home, on the go) high levels of sustained sound damage your hearing and your ability to perform, listen, and enjoy music in the future.

There’s a simple solution: high-fidelity earplugs. They’re effective and inexpensive.

High-fidelity earplugs let you listen longer with less risk
High-fidelity earplugs significantly prolong the time you can listen to music without incurring noise-induced hearing loss. But you’ll still enjoy the full richness of sound.

For example, the times below indicate how long it takes to reach your noise-exposure daily limit listening to music without and with high-fidelity earplugs.

• Symphony (15 min / safe)
• Concert band (4 min / 7 hours)
• Drumline (90 sec / 2.5 hours)
• Marching band (30 sec / <48 min)
• Rock concert (7 sec / < 12 min)

All loud noise hurts
It’s not only the sound of music that damages hearing and calls for hearing protection. The same noise-exposure maximums apply to any loud, prolonged noise regardless of the source — it’s only a matter of how loud, how long, and how frequent.

Common activities spanning roughly the same sound levels as the types of music listed above include (from loud to louder)

• Gas-powered lawn mower and leaf blower
• Snow blower
• Snowmobile
• Loud sporting events (live or TV)
• Chain saw / jet ski

If you participate in any of these activities—or others of equal or louder noise—wearing high-fidelity earplugs will prevent noise-induced hearing loss, which is permanent loss—it doesn’t “grow” back.

What makes earplugs high-fidelity?

Most earplugs (think the standard foam variety) reduce sound more in the high frequencies than the lows and mid range, which produces  an unnatural, muffled sound. Not a good listening experience and it prevents effective communication with those around you.

By comparison, high-fidelity earplugs reduce sound evenly at all frequencies preserving the original sound quality. The resulting sound is less intense, but still full and satisfying.

We recommend ETY•Plugs®  
Developed by Etymotic as a low-cost alternative to musicians earplugs, they are the highest-fidelity, non-custom earplugs available today. No other supplier can make this claim.

ETY•Plugs® Ready-Fit earplugs

• Reduce sound evenly.
• Allow clear communication with people around you.
• Reduce noise fatigue (say goodbye to noise hangovers).
• Preserve the richness of music and other sounds you enjoy.
• Prevent noise-induced hearing loss today so you can enjoy the music and sounds you love in the future.

Protect the high-fidelity way
ETY•Plugs® Ready-Fit earplugs are $9.95 (plus tax) a set. Drop by one of our three locations and pick up a pair. Better yet, buy two sets and give one to a loved one or friend.



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