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"What Every Parent Needs to Know About..."

An ebook series for parents

We've learned that parents are not just interested in more information, they're extraordinarily intent on learning about the development of speech and hearing and potential problems their kids might face.  

We couldn't be more delighted 

After all, having well-informed moms like you patrolling the front lines of their families health is an enormous advantage for families and our society in general. 

It comes down to this: When you know the normal progression of speech and hearing development and the signs and symptoms of potential difficulty, you are more confident and able to react earlier and more effectively when problems arise.



Everyone benefits, but especially young minds eager to learn and be successful.

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Series downloads (click image to download)

Warning Signs of Childhood Communications Disabilities

What Every Mom Needs to Know about...
Speech and Hearing Development of Her Child


What Every Mom Needs to Know about...
Auditory Processing Disorder


Mom’s Troubleshooting Guide to Early Childhood Speech and Hearing Problems