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Does Your Child Need Speech Therapy?

It's true, all children develop at their own pace. But compared to other kids the same age, your child has always been a bit behind in pronouncing words and expressing ideas.

Of course, there’s the usual advice you’ve received — from relatives, friends, family doctor, anyone with an opinion — which suggest that your daughter is a likely a late bloomer...she’ll grow out of it. Just hang in there.

Even so, you still wonder. Does my child need help? Perhaps some speech therapy? Is she normal or does she have a problem we need to address? How do you decide what to do?

First, don’t delay! Consult with a team of communication experts. 

You know your child better than anyone. So if you have a concern, act on it. Seek help for your child, the sooner the better. If your concern is about your child's talking or understanding, then a professional team of speech-language pathologists and audiologists is the place to start. To determine if your child has a problem, these professionals work best as a team.

Teamwork works
If you consult a speech-language pathologist, for example, it’s very likely that she will steer you to an audiologist to start the process. Audiologists are experts in hearing, and hearing is often the best place to start. Why? Some speech and language delays arise from difficulty hearing.

This is why a team of communication experts works better — and it's why we're organized this way at the Sertoma Speech & Hearing Center. We look at your child from a 360 degree perspective, not from a narrow, biased point of view. 

Start here: schedule a screening
Speech screenings are the place to start. Screenings are informal, brief processes, but nevertheless, vital for determining whether or not your child needs help for speech, language, or learning problems.

With us, screenings are no charge for clients 3 years of age and older
If, however, your child is younger than 3, you'll need a referral from your family physician or Child and Family Connections or similar service providers in Illinois. Give them a call and describe what you are seeing and hearing in your child’s speech, comprehension, or use of language. 

  • For a list of early-intervention offices and phone numbers in Illinois, click here
  • For a PDF of this information, go to Downloads and click, DHS and Service Providers.pdf.

Is speech therapy worthwhile?
A resounding, "Yes!" What parent would risk their child's intellectual and social development...their child's future? 

Early delays or difficulties in talking or understanding are risk factors for later problems, such as difficulty with reading and spelling. The same brain systems that drive speech development are essential for academic success, and therefore, your child's future as a productive adult. 

Speech therapy is fun for young children, and when needed, it can prevent future problems. Getting your child screened as soon as you suspect a problem is the first step to take. 

Call 708-599-9500 to schedule a screening as early as possible

➤ For a PDF of the information on this page, go to Downloads and click, Does Your Child Need Speech Therapy.pdf.